Our Story - How I came to AI art.

I am a poet with intentionally unpublished manuscripts. My first love was words. I came to appreciate visual media while working as an video editor. Presently, I am preparing a book of prose.

In 2021, I met the digital artist 3gree3, in Union Square, NYC. They were a curiously disguised person playing a modified Speak & Spell. We connected over intentionally not showing or publishing our work. 3gree3 was part of a collective called the Coterie. They all have zero online presence. No email. You have to write them letters in the mail. They are a writer, a sculptor, a painter, a concept artist, and "Threeg" who is making still and motion pictures with a varied of software and techniques using AI to collaborate. 3gree3 defected from the Coterie and agreed to work with me to have their work seen and appreciated and made pubic.

I feel passionately about their work and 3gree3's exclusive contact with the online world.

Michael is a writer of words, purveyor of AI related art and wares.

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